Significant Foreign Direct Investments
1India's FDI Performance - 5 year comparison

FDI has been on an upward trajectory since 2013-2014. FDI equity inflows have grown by 60.2% between April 2009-March 2014 and April 2014-March 2019. FDI inflows have grown by 63.9% between April 2009-March2014 and April 2014-March 2019.1

Source: 1

2FDI since April 2000

The overall FDI received in the country since April 2000 stands at US$ 609.8 bn. The FDI inflow from April 2014 to March 2019, values US$ 284.7 bn. It is 40.7% of the total FDI received since April 2000.

Source: 2

3Auto & Auto Components

The Auto and Auto Components industry saw an 80.18% increase in FDI inflows - from US$ 6.4 bn received during April 2009-March 2014 to US$ 11.6bn received during April 2014-March 2019.

There was a 77.7% increase in FDI equity inflows between April 2009-March 2014 (US$ 6.5 bn) and April 2014-March 2019 (US$ 11.6bn).3

Source: 3

4Electrical Machinery

The FDI inflows for the electrical machinery* industry saw a 69.6% increase between April 2009-March 2014 (US$ 4.3 bn) and April 2014-March 2019 (US$ 7.3 bn).4

*electrical machinery = industrial machinery + electrical equipment + earthmoving machinery

Source: 4

5Renewable Energy

FDI Inflows increased by 68.23% - from US$ 2.9 bn received between April 2009-March 2014 to US$ 4.8 bn between April 2014-March 2019.5

Source: 5


The Textile Industry saw a 127.1% growth in FDI Inflows. The value of FDI Inflows for April 2009-March 2014 stood at US$ 748.1 mn, and it grew to US$ 1.7 bn for April 2014-March 2019.6

Source: 6

August 2019

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