Global Innovation Index
  • Global Innovation Index (GII) is developed jointly by Cornell University, INSEAD and World Intellectual Property Organization
  • GII ranks 126 economies based on 80 indicators, compiled under 7 pillars
  • India is now in the top half of the GII rankings
  • India is the most innovative country among Central and South Asian countries
2Institutions (80th, up 12 spots)
  • It captures the efficiency of the institutional framework of the country, covering aspects such as political environment, regulatory environment and business environment.
  • The brightest spot is the Regulatory Environment (72nd) in India.
  • Major improvement is seen in Business Environment, where India has improved by 15 positions in 2018.
3Human Capital & Research (56th, up 8 spots)
  • It gauges the human capital aspects of the country, such as education level, tertiary education and research & development
  • India has gained the 6th spot globally in Number of Graduates in Science & Engineering
  • Major improvement seen in tertiary education. India now ranks 45th, up from 68 in 2017
  • It measures the performance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a country
  • India ranks 20th in Gross Capital Formation, as a % of GDP
5Market Sophistication
  • This pillar studies market, competition and investment conditions in a country
  • India has improved in both, Ease of Getting Credit (70th) and Making Investments (35th)
  • India ranks 4th in Ease of Protecting Minority Investors
6Business Sophistication
  • It tries to capture the level of business sophistication to assess how conducive firms are for innovation promoting activities
  • India has gained important positions in sub-pillars: State of Cluster Development (30th), Intellectual Property Payments (25th), and University/Industry Research Collaboration (25th)
7Knowledge and Technology Outputs
  • It covers all those variables that are traditionally thought to be the fruits of inventions or innovations. It spans around facets of knowledge creation, knowledge impact and knowledge diffusion.
  • India ranks no. 1 in ICT services exports, as a % of total trade
8Creative Outputs
  • It measures the role of creativity for innovation spanning across intangible assets, creative goods and services and other online content
  • India attains 17th position as an exporter of Creative Goods, as a proportion of Total trade
  • The sub pillar that shows a major improvement is Online Creativity. India is ranked 67th, up from 103 in 2017