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Actions Completed
Online consent system for Pollution Control Board (Gujarat)
  • GIS-based land identification system (Gujarat)
  • Online consent system for environmental clearances (Chhattisgarh)
  • Extended validity of consent under environmental provisions (Chhattisgarh)
  • Unified process with single ID for VAT and Professional Tax registration (Maharashtra)
  • Number of procedures and time for getting an electricity connection reduced (Maharashtra)
  • Commercial benches established in Mumbai High Court (Maharashtra)
  • Creation of Invest Punjab, as a one-stop clearance system for investment projects (Punjab)
  • 131 industries exempted from consent requirement by Pollution Control Board (Punjab)
  • Real-time allotment of TIN - Taxpayer Identification Number (Delhi)
  • Online application portal for residential and industrial building permits (Delhi)
  • Commercial benches established in High Court (Delhi)
  • Online portal for construction permits for institutional and commercial buildings (Delhi)
  • Static check posts replaced by mobile squads (Uttarakhand)
  • Green industries exempted from inspection by Pollution Control Committee (Puducherry)
  • Checklist for 86 government services and delivery timelines across 23 departments/organizations made available on Karnataka Udyog Mitra, an online portal (Karnataka)
Measures underway
  • Online portal for the grant of construction permits (Mumbai)
  • Joint inspection by all departments to grant NOCs for construction permits (Mumbai and Delhi)
  • Simplified procedure to install electricity connection in 15 days (Delhi)
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