The Unicorn - HIKE Messenger

4 Years agoMeet the Makers Of India: HIKE Messenger

Hike Messenger, India’s 10th startup to join the fabled 'unicorn' pack is also the fastest to do so. Launched in 2012, the cross-platform instant messaging app has raised a 100-million strong user base since.

Within two months of its launch, the firm escalated to the #1 spot on Playstore. By June 2014, the app had managed to hit the 20 million mark, matching strength with global messaging behemoths, Whatsapp and Facebook, in this feat. 

Known for its engaging local content, the app has users exchanging over 40 million messages per month and over 300 million stickers per day. 

In its fourth round of funding of USD 175 Million led by Tencent & Foxconn, Hike is valued at USD 1.4 Billion making it the fastest company in the India to cross the USD 1 Billion mark in 3.7 years.