4 Years agoMeet the Makers of India: Indian Space Research Organisation

Founded in 1961 as the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR), the Indian Space Research Organisation has emerged as an economical and sure-footed space partner for the world’s space programmes.

Five decades since, ISRO has served as a launchpad for as many as 20 nations, launching 79 satellites with ever-broadening sphere of applications – communications, earth observation, navigation, space science, among them.

Highlights and firsts in ISRO’s innovation arc include the Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission in 2014, NAVIC, a satellite navigation system that places India in an elite 5-country club and the consecutive launch of as many as 20 satellites in a single mission.

A combination of lower launch costs, ability to place smaller payloads and a space port to undertake the exercise at short notice makes India an attractive option in the global space sector.

Antrix Corporation Limited, the promotional and commercial arm of ISRO delivers cost-effective technical intelligence utilized in every space-related industry.