• 5 Months ago

    MAKE IN INDIA / 5 Months ago

    A major national initiative designed to facilitate investment; foster innovation; enhance skill development; protect intellectual property, and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. There's never been a better time to Make in India.

  • 8 Days ago

    Food Processing: Achievement Report / 8 Days ago

    The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has released their sectoral achievement report. Read it here.

  • 9 Days ago

    India Ranks #66 in the Global Innovation Index / 9 Days ago

    India's jump up by 15 spots, from #81 to #66, is testament to the country's rising status as a driver of global innovation.

  • 21 Days ago

    GST Bill Passed / 21 Days ago

    A landmark milestone for India and a boost for Make In India. The passing of the GST Bill heralds a new era of manufacturing based on a unified tax regime.

  • 1 Month ago

    New Make in India milestone! / 1 Month ago

    India's FDI equity inflows surges by 46% since the launch of Make in India (October 2014 - May 2016)

2 Months ago

FDI-FYI /2 Months ago

Facilitating ‪Make in India‬, the Consolidated FDI Policy for 2016 has been released. Read the full circular here.

2 Months ago

Doing business in India is now easier /2 Months ago

India’s rank in the Doing Business Report 2015 was 142 among 189 countries, which improved to 130 in the Doing Business Report, 2016. The Government of India has emphasized the importance of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ as a major pillar of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and it is working extensively on improving India’s rank in the World Bank Group's Doing Business Study.