Global Innovation Index

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is a ranking of countries as per their success and capacity in innovation. It is published yearly by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). India has been ranked as the 57th most innovative nation in the world; up 3 places from 2017.

  • GII is developed jointly by Cornell University, INSEAD and World Intellectual Property Organization
  • GII ranks 126 economies based on 80 indicators, compiled under 7 pillars
  • India is in the top half of the GII rankings in 2018
  • India has emerged as the most innovative country among Central and South Asian countries
2Institutions (80th, up 12 spots)

Aspects such as political environment, regulatory environment and business environment capture the institutional framework of the country.

  • In the brightest spot is the Regulatory Environment (ranks 72nd
  • A major improvement is seen in Business Environment, where India has improved by 15 positions in 2018
3Human Capital & Research (56th, up 8 spots)

Human Capital and Research measure the human capital aspects of the country, such as education level, tertiary education and research & development.

  • India holds the 6th position globally in the number of graduates in Science & Engineering
  • Key improvement has been seen in tertiary education
  • India now ranks 45th, up from 68th in 2017

Infrastructure measures the performance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a country.

  • India ranks 20th in gross capital formation, as a % of GDP
5Market Sophistication

Market Sophistication studies market, competition and investment conditions in a country.

  • India has improved in both, Ease of Getting Credit (ranks 70th) and Making Investments (ranks 35th)
  • India ranks 4th in Ease of Protecting Minority Investors
6Business Sophistication

Business Sophistication assesses how conducive firms are for innovation in promoting activities. India has gained important positions in sub-pillars:

  • State of Cluster Development (ranks 30th)
  • Intellectual Property Payments (ranks 25th)
  • University/Industry Research Collaboration (ranks 25th)
7Knowledge and Technology Outputs

Knowledge and Technology Outputs covers all those variables that are traditionally thought to be the fruits of inventions or innovations. It spans around facets of knowledge creation, knowledge impact and knowledge diffusion.

  • India ranks 1st in ICT services exports as a % of total trade
8Creative Outputs

Creative Outputs measures the role of creativity for innovation spanning across intangible assets, creative goods and services and other online content. 

  • India is 17th as an exporter of creative goods and as a proportion of total trade
  • Online Creativity is a sub-pillar that shows a major improvement 
  • India is ranked 67th up from 103rd in 2017